Monday, July 6, 2009

The Morning Of

Lazily I woke up to the Seattle cloudiness this morning and looked at my clock – 6:30am! I still have so much time that I could be spending fast asleep before I have to be at the airport yet here I am typing this blog and without any coffee. When I opened my computer this morning to Safari, the headline on read, “Scores killed in China protests.” That’s not exactly the first thing I wanted to see before I head out to China but after reading the article I found out the attacks were not in the region I will be at. Still, I would ask that you all would read the article ( and pray for those affected by this event.

            Now, this is the morning that I actually leave and I am more than excited. Yet I feel somewhat different at the same time. I don’t feel the same excitement that I felt when I have traveled with my family overseas or when we go on a road trip in the States. I don’t feel the same excitement that I felt when I went on my missions trip to Japan. I’m not saying that I’m not ecstatic but it feels different to me. Maybe I am more nervous because I know that this isn’t some fun trip where I will just be traveling but I know that there will be experiences that I will be uncomfortable with and our team isn’t there just for fun but we have a purpose there. Whatever it is, I feel a different kind of excitement as I am still slowly waking up to this Seattle morning.

            Well, I might try to get some more rest in or I might just start getting ready right now so I will hopefully blog again soon (if I have internet access) and I love all of you out there.

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