Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Typical Weekend

I think I’ve decided that I want to live here in China, or at least live here for a while and just chill in the Beijing lifestyle for a while. It is so cool! Or maybe I just want to travel. I’ve met so many cool travelers here and I want to be like them and travel the world for a while. Plus, I can’t get all the cheap massages that I want! So today we went to the zoo and had a blast seeing all the pandas. I do have to say I was a bit disappointed by the lack of care for the animals. The tiger exhibit was filled with water bottles that visitors had thrown in the area and the tigers just slept and didn’t care. I guess I have to say I’m also disgusted with the lack of care from the visitors as I saw most of them feed the animals human food like bread and chocolates. I will say that is was cool to be able to pet some zebras today but I think they only came up to me because they thought I would be feeding them something. While I was there, I had to take a look at the wolves because they are my favorite animal (hence my nicknames and email addresses are named after wolves). When I got there, the wolves looked malnourished and scraggly as hair was falling off and they were just not what I was expecting. The pandas were the only exciting part of the zoo and even they were sleepy. Oh the joys of going to a zoo where animals are mistreated.

On a lighter note, after the zoo we went to this clothing market right next to the zoo where it was packed with shoppers. Kyle and I looked at suits that could be custom made for about 500 kuai, which is about 75 US dollars. Then the next adventure happened to our team. We expected to meet at a designated place at 5:30 pm. What we didn’t know was that the shopping plaza/mall closed at 5:00 pm. When they started shutting off of 4:55 pm, most of us met at the designated area except Pauline and Sabrina, the two people we were most afraid of that would get lost. We searched for them all over the shopping mall and couldn’t find them. Then we went outside to look for them and we started to panic. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted them so Kyle and I dashed over to them before they caught a taxi back to the hotel. Turns out, they had been locked out of the plaza and couldn’t get back to the meeting area. Our whole team was freaking out for a while but I couldn’t help but think that crazy things like this happen in Beijing, and that’s why I love it so much.

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