Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sickness (in a bad way)

I was trying to think of something really exciting to tell you all about from the last couple of days but I feel as though that I have started a routine. On Sunday, we went to church (the international one) and met some more amazing people. Then we just headed back to the hotel and rested for a couple of hours. A couple of us were restless (myself included) and so we went to the Silk Market which is kind’ve like the Pearl Market except it has a lot more clothes. I am not kidding you when I say this but I am freaking good at bargaining. My bargaining skills are modeled after my Jewish uncle and he knows how to bargain. I think every salesperson in the Silk Market hates me now because I have an idea of the actual price of the item they are trying to sell me so I bargain them down to that price. After a while, I even told them that they should just give me the actual price because we both know that I’m not gonna budge on my price. One lady wondered where I learned my skills and I told that I am half Chinese and half American. She laughed and then preceded to call a bunch a names that I won’t repeat in this update.

On Monday I taught the kids Red Light, Green Light and Duck, Duck, Goose. After touching all the kids’ heads, I caught some type of cold so if you guys could pray for that, I would appreciate it. Today (Tuesday), I did my best to play with the kids but afterwards I just felt the cold in my body and couldn’t do anything but sleep. For dinner, I went to a restaurant separate from the team so I could get a nice big bowl of wonton soup with dumplings on the side. I stuffed myself, which is a hard thing to do in itself, all for 24 yuan ($3.53)!!! Then I just walked down our alley, stopped at the local Australian bar to talk to Ned, the owner of the bar, and now I am back at our hotel, ready to get some rest so I can kick this cold out of my system.

Hopefully feeling better,


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